[WatchFace] Anicorn (K452) NASA (60th Anniv. Limited Edition)

Your thoughts?

I tried to emulate the actual watch, but found I needed to change most elements for it to be something I would actually wear … particularly the rotational logic and hours.

Anicorn - Series K452 - Luna

Anicorn - K452 NASA (60th Anniversary Limited Edition)

Re-interpretation of the Anicorn (K452) NASA ‘60th Anniversary Limited Edition’ watch, in Blue. Minimising any stencil/cut out and low-precision elements, and changed to 24 hour time.


Really nice, just one thing, the original uses smooth rotation for the hour and yours steps? That is for some reason?

Yes. I initially tried with smooth rotation (for hours and minutes), and with 1-12 hours (exactly like the watch). I couldn’t easily read the correct time.

Once it got beyond 20-past the hour, you needed to stop and think. I also changed the 12-mark to be larger (more obvious).

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That is one very nice watch, have you submitted it for the Purity contest?


Haven’t yet figured out what the competition is about, or where to enter …

Hi there Facer community! We have seen the entries for the past week’s theme and we have to say it has been beyond spectacular. It is definitely going to be a difficult task choosing a winner from the entries. We will continue keeping you updated not just through our own socials13 but also through this forum, hopefully making it more accessible for all.

Quick note: We have worked together with Facer to disable premium tools for the remainder of this contest, in case any of you may feel like this gives premium designers an unfair advantage. Also, we have updated the rules19, and it should be far clearer now how we will be choosing our winners.

Keep in mind the designs are meant for the Ticwatch Pro, so make your designs as “Pro” as possible :wink:

With that said, time to start designing! Enter the contest here27.

:paintbrush:Design Contest Announcement!:paintbrush:

Our theme of the week has been released, and for this week, the theme is :white_circle:PURITY​:white_circle: Show off your creativity and design away!

Note: Submissions for this week end 23rd October 2018 at 2359 (PST)

I copied this from the announcement

EDIT: Whoops i see the hyperlink cant be copied, so here is the link to enter the contest https://ticwatch.facer.io/

And in red …

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And in black & white … (based on Anicorn - Series K452 - Dawn)

And in shades of golden … (based on Anicorn - Series K452 - Solar)

Per request, variant in 12 hour mode:

based on Anicorn - Series K452 - Dawn

based on Anicorn - K452 NASA (60th Anniversary Limited Edition)

You really love this watch, am i correct?

It´s very nice.



And yet … I can’t still make up my mind whether I like it.