[Watchface] Animated Luxury Watch

Hello Friends;
This is my new project. It’s animated watchface. I want to thank for premium designer because mostly I analyze their project and I did this one. I hope you like and I’m waiting your comments.


I saw this on Instagram and very much enjoy it. Great work! I believe I followed you on Instagram too.

Oh thank you very much. I believe I also following you on Instagram, my friend :slight_smile:
Thanx for comment, any suggestion for this watchface?

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You know honestly, nothing really comes to mind. I think you nailed this one.

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Very impressive! The animated fade in and movement is great!

Can’t really think of any changes… if you really wanted to do something maybe add some dimension to the hands, either through a gradient or dark outline. Or add some glass effect on the very top layer, again if you’re just looking for something to do. :smiley: