[WatchFace] Ano Digital

Was looking at my Mk-8 design and was thinking of ways to create another face with the general theme and feeling of that one but in a slightly different format. Would love some feedback on it.

I like the general look, but I would make the hands larger if I were doing it. But as we all know, and I’ve learned…look at your other designs and see what has been liked/synced a lot to see what your followers and other like. But like I said, at a quick glance the hands aren’t that noticeable (to me) especially that color, but I would make larger.

I like the desing as well but think that the informations like steps are to small.

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I agree - I really like the design but the percentages, steps, heart rate and date could be a bit bigger. The inner circle tick marks also become a little blurry when they’re that small - Maybe you could just keep the blue ones or import your own from Photoshop (rather than the Facer Creator). Just a suggestion :slight_smile: Keep up the great work!

Thank you all for your feeback. I made some changes to the size of the percentages, steps, heart rate, date, time and the hands. I also re worked the inner tick marks. I wish I had photoshop or autocad but right now I am just making everything within Facer Creator.

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That looks heaps better, nicely done! :slight_smile:

I know it sounds like I keep promoting them but it’s what I have to use to make my faces since I’m usually at work when I’m doing it. But @Orion I use www.pixlr.com as my online Photoshop alternative and it’s free. Just click, open pixlr editor and wah-lah

Haha no worries. I tried it but my work unfortunately has their website blocked. Going to have to try it at home. Thank you.