[watchface] Another Volcanic Eruption

Latest in the upcoming Volcano Range:

Digital, analog or both, all in one

More than 10000 combinations.

This watch can truly become the watch you want.

Change the theme color(Tap 12), remove the dials (Tap 23), change/hide/show analog hands (Tap center), change the backboard color (Tap 13), toggle between temp, battery and humidity on the left dial. Toggle between step count, pulse and distance walked on the right dial (Tap). Toggle Current time, UTC time and date on the bottom dial (Tap). Top dial shows sunrise at the top, sunset at the bottom and weather location in the center.

Battery percent will flash when low.
Support 12/24 hour time and Metric/Imperial Units.


You have a genius watch face :sunglasses:

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Nice, love how it can be changed from analog to digital :+1:

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