[WatchFace] As High As Honor (House Arryn) 🕊 by pacingpoet

The Sky Cells always break them. (Northern Harrier by Karl Mårtens)

See also: Karl Mårtens’ video profile by the Cricket Fine Art Gallery, London
Mårtens’ next solo exhibition at Cricket Fine Art Gallery begins September 26, 2017.

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birds falcon duality

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I like this design, Pacing! It’s more quite for the Eye’s to look at. If I should put a word in the negative way, it would be, that I think an alignment of the Digital Clock, and the date, in top (move the Clock, up), would be better.

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Thanks for the feedback, @post! I think you’re right about the Day/Month/Date!

There wasn’t much room for me to move the Digital Time up (because it expands for times like 12:xx and I’m unwilling to cut into the falcon) but I moved it a little higher, and moved the Temperature down a few pixels as well. Hopefully this creates enough white space.

I’m well aware, of the space! But now, I think it’s goes the “wrong way”. What if you turned the Bird some degrees to Right, and then it would give space between the Wings, to get Time and Date, aligned.
By the way, the artist (Karl Mårtens) you have used for the Bird illustration, lives not so far from me, so I know he’s art work well, and he’s “love” to illustrated Birds.
Here is a link (original language), to one of the many Galleries he use in Sweden where he lives.

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I love his work! The fact that Mårtens uses only Chinese and Japanese calligraphy brushes, that he paints from memory, combined with his singular focus on birds… I’m a fan, but his paintings show for $3000-$10000!

I could buy one, or actually go birding in Sweden. :thinking:

I’m unwilling to rotate the falcon to get the time and date on the same horizontal; I don’t want to alter the painting, and I don’t want to create an implied line across the wing.

I do think that the negative space looks much better now, so thank you for that suggestion!

I like this one @pacingpoet. Nice. More so because the image lends itself to an overlay of text that works out well geometrically with the face real estate. The images on all of your faces are beautiful, but I especially like the ones where the textual layout is also complementary.

I also liked your work with the Pourville Monet - the cliff walk one. Monet’s beach painting of Pourville would probably also work out well because there’s a lot of sky and a nice, wide horizon.


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Thanks, @jmorga106!

What’s most interesting to me about this painting is that you can almost feel the lift under the falcon’s wings.

I didn’t want to make any modifications that compromise that.

Yes, maybe a trip to Sweden :wink: About the prices; None of the artworks, in the link I attached in previous post, cost more than in the level of $3-400 - only few, cost max $750

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Oh wow! I was citing prices at the London gallery. Maybe he only shows his favorite works overseas.

A little off topic! :innocent: No, I think this with prices in Sweden, is more because he is so well known for he’s arts, that most (Birds and Nature lovers) knows him in Sweden and Scandinavia, and are so used to he’s drawings and paintings, that it’s almost an everydays kind of art for these people, and there he can’t get so high prices.
But on Galleries around the World, he can lift the prices, as an more “unknown” artist.

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