[WatchFace] Asanoha Flower

Newest design releasing soon:

Enjoy this new Steampunk and Fractal mash up. This animated face has a mesmerizing fractal design call Asanoha Flower created by FRAMEofMIND. The gold analog hands complement this ever changing color scheme. The right dial has two hands. The small hand points to the Day of the Week, whereas the larger is for the Day of the Month. The top left dial is for watch power level. The bottom right is step count. Tapping each of the dials will launch the following apps: Date - Calendar, Steps - Activity, Power - Settings. Finally the leather surround to the left is a themable color. Tap the left most side to launch the color selector. For more info on the amazing image from FRAMEofMIND, check out the site here: http://frameofmind.entity.be/


Very cool texture and animation! :+1:


I want to like this face, but think the animation needs to be slowed down a bit; too flashy.