[Watchface] Audi S-Line Gauges

Hello, I just join cool community of Facer!

I’m proud owner of TicWatch Pro, that want something diffrent than stock watch faces :slight_smile:

I read this forum, a lot, and find out that Gauss is using Cad software to design watch faces.

So i lunched my cad (I work in it 85% of the day) and this came out.

Any sugestions welcome!




Hi @djkryszard,

Great work with CAD. I like the look. The only problem i see at the final result is the readability.

Greetings, GAUSS.

Awesome work, congrats. Yeap, readibility is a little hard in small numbers (red over black doesnt help) and the upper gauge. And just a tip, you are persuing original designs so you don’t need direct references to market brands, grow your own brand and that way you go to avoid rights issues. Welcome to the community!


It looks good however in my Audi the fuel gauge is located on the right hand side of the dashboard :slight_smile:
And I would have no issues reading red on black - i like it.

I installed this face and now I know what carlosfilippa meant. These red numbers are simply too small…

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Thats what i meant with readability… :wink:

Watch fices look fine in the facer creator but watch displays are far smaller.

Nice modern line, I like it.attention to copyright