[WatchFace] Aviator Mk.1 Spitfire - Published :)

Finished - should be available soon :slight_smile:


:sunglasses: Very nice and elegant. I want this face!

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I am so glad you like it - should be out soon.


Oh wait, I just checked - it is now published:

I hope you like it!


( Note: there is a known issue with fonts not displaying correctly in the watch previews ( as above ) but the face does work as intended when downloaded and the fonts will look as they do in the preview below. )


Hello @mikeoday,

As we agree, I’m connecting through the community forum.

I’m reaching out about the MK1 issue with the random visualization issues of the digital displays (hour/minute/seconds, battery, and counter) in specific moments for Fossil HR Garret 5 gen.


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Hi @paa1999, thanks for the post here with the large photo.

The issue appears to be a common one with a number of watch faces on some makes of WearOS based watches and seems to be related to a fault in the way “Stroke” is added to text objects. I have raised a support request with the Facer guys and I understand that they are looking into it. As soon as they let me know the solution I’ll reply here.

( @admin, please see the larger photo above showing the issue a little more clearly )

I updated the face to remove the stroke from the text. I have heard back from @paa1999 that it has solved the problem ( thanks for the feedback ).

So, for everyone else using stroke - be aware that it may not display properly on all watches.