[WatchFace] Aviator Mk.1 Spitfire - Published :)

An elegant and configurable Aviator / Pilot watch face presenting information in a clear easy to read Always On Display ( AOD ) and allowing instant access to common Apps.

( Note: there is a known issue with fonts not displaying correctly in the watch previews ( as above ) but the face does work as intended when downloaded and the fonts will look as they do in the previews below. )

Large white numerals, red hands stand out in both bright and dim light. And to further enhance the “read at a glance” nature of the face, secondary dials present battery charge and steps and additional digital LCDs display the month/date, 12/24hr time, battery charge and step count for quick reference.

The day of the week is shown as a “turn/slip” indicator ( with stops at either end for Sat/Sun midday and Wednesday “humpday” in the middle).

And finally, the top window can be configured to show the current temperature, day of the week , magnetic compass or atmospheric pressure ( temperature requires access to weather information and compass and pressure need access to your watch’s compass and barometer ( not all watches have these ).

Tap the centre of the face to display the user guide and to unlock the configuration controls.

I hope you like it!



Niiiice! I am a big fan of Spitfire, Messerschmitt, Mustang era… How the step counter *100 work? What formula do you use? If its not a secret can you share with me? Keep you amazing job dude!

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Mike, I am crushing on this layout. Great stuff!

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Thanks @safesz! Do you mean the digital steps display? No secret, that is just a simple expression in a text field:


That is, divide the step count by 100 to get the steps in “hundreds” and then use the floor function to strip away everything after the decimal point just leaving a simple integer.

Was that what you meant?

Thank you very much @ircrotale, much appreciated!


Great work but you have a double day of week display. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @GAUSS - yes I know about the double day display; do you think it a big problem? I thought of changing the top one to month - still not sure …

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Hail yeah!!! THNX again friend!

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I think it looks great ! But imo yes, double day of the week is a big problem. Use the real estate for something else or even leave it unused if you can’t think of any other complication you want to add. I think a lot of designs get a little overloaded anyway, less can be more!

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woooOOOooo! Super hot! Love it! And if you like the double day, leave it!

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Agreed this is another awesome design mike and i think the double day is no problem if you like it keep it or pick another language for one of them

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Thanks guys for your kind words and feedback - always appreciated!

I’m giving some thought to making the hidden dial configurable - Day of the week as one of a few options, maybe temperature, pressure, compass - I’ll keep thinking on it! Compass would be particularly nice but it would have to be an option because not all watches have a built in compass.

Maybe just a seconds progress bar in there? Might just look cool (and it’d be easy)

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This is a great looking design, clear and sharp…

If I may I have to agree with @kvansant & @Rator ; you can use the space of the second “day” display for any other complication or leave it empty… maybe use it for the logo?

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Nice one!
I love this plane too:)
Well done for the use of its typical green

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Thank you very much guys for your nice words and suggestions - I’m working on the next update and will share how I’m going tomorrow.


Almost finished the first alternate dial - a magnetic compass


Still need to work on temperature and pressure dials.


I think it is done now but for the logic …

There will be four options for the top window:

  • Compass
  • Temperature F or C
  • Pressure inHg or mBar/hPa
  • Day of the week

Three choices of hands

Themes for the coloured parts

Optional outer ring

  • no marks
  • marks only
  • marks + App labels

And a few more minor options.

Should be out early next week …



Nice! The option of outer ring with/with-out indices is a good move too. Seems like the majority of smart watches already have some kind of indices or numbers printed on them which often makes them look redundant if they’re also on the face. And almost all those that don’t have markers (fossil, skagen) have that awful black ring which also stands out more when the face has outer markers. That’s why I still wear my H1 more than any of my other watches, it is a clean neutral frame to let the face design speak for itself.

Even the summit 2, as beautiful as it is, imposes tick marks on every face whether it’s compatible or not. Mine is sadly in lockdown in NYC waiting for the chance to be shipped down to NC so I haven’t had the chance to see beyond placing faces in the summit 2 in the preview. But I’ve already been planning to do what you have, either make 2 versions of some faces or selectable outer rings.

Lol, sorry for the long tangent, it really is a peeve of mine that the hardware makers don’t see how much the markers they put on the bezels impose restrictions on face options.

Anyway… Nice looking face!

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Thanks @kvansant.