[WatchFace] Aviator Mk.1a ( updated )

A new version of my Aviator Mk.1 pilot’s watch face.

Now with a “slip/turn” indictor to show the day of the week ( with stops at Sat/Sun midday, and “humpday” in the middle ).

I would love to know what you think.


I really like the layout of this one with good info.

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Thanks for that!

I have just noticed that I could have called it “grumpy face” :slight_smile:

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A minor update today:

  • The red “low battery” flag appears when the battery level drops below 20% but it was disappearing when the level dropped below 1 ( I think this is because the #BLN# tag returns “–” instead of zero and so my conditional expression was failing ); I fixed this so that it now stays visible until the charge gets back up to 20 or more.

  • I assumed ( wrongly ) that the #BLN# tag would never return 100 ( because how can a battery ever reach 100; 99.99999 yes, but not 100 :slight_smile:) but in fact it must round up when the level is 99 point something. My design only has space for two digits and so there was no way to show 100. I have changed it so that it now shows the characters F L when the level is “100”.

  • and finally, I increased the size of the “floating bead” in the “slip/turn” ( read, day of the week ) indicator to make it more visible.