[WatchFace] Aviator Mk.1d

A variation on my Aviator Mk.1c design - now with luminous dim mode :slight_smile:

Bright mode:

Luminous Dim mode:

The battery level flag turns yellow and then red as the level gets low …

Enlarged detail …

I would love to know what you think.



Loved it before and still do, great job

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I Good looking watchface, love how crisp it looks!

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I really like the luminous color. As an aside, it just dawned on me that Facer only offers one version of “always on” mode. When I build faces using Samsung’s SDK, I have to build a high color mode and low color mode that each must not use more that a set percentage of the screen in relation to the respective mode. The reason I mention this is that you are obviously aware that pure white pixels use more battery (plus the blue color just looks awesome) however, the default color for dim elements is white. I guess it is just a thing.

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Thanks @papaberean, much appreciate!

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Thanks, I’m glad you like the colours; I have only just started playing around with different colours for the dim mode.

I guess my preference though is still to have designs that have bright and dim modes that minimise the transition ( that is AOD faces that have behaviour as close as possible to a “real” watch ) and that means no change in colours. My “Altimeter” face is an example of this - and it is still my most energy efficient design even though the face hardly changes between modes.

Still, other seem to like “luminous” dim modes so I guess I will keep doing both :slight_smile:

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