[WatchFace] Aviator Mk.2

hi, can i ask you how u did that metronome? cause i tried to create one using the image sequence widget but with only 25 images maximum it lags.
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

ok, the time to type it and i understood how to do it using hands :slight_smile:

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like that

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Yep, well done ! :+1:

Almost there …



Made it, my first No.1 watchface :grinning:


Congrats! Really!
Keep working hard!
U deserve to be a Facer Creator Partner

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Thank you, that is kind of you. :slight_smile:

My first design to reach 5000!

Thank you to everyone who has given me advice and encouragement over the past four months. You guys are the best!



Does the date switch to non US ?

On my Ticwatch Pro, the metronome isn’t working.


Sorry, I have not been active on the forum for a while so I only just noticed your post.

On this free version the date is fixed in US format. The paid version has the ability to switch.

I’m sorry to hear the metronome is not working. You could try re-syncing the face - that sometimes clears up odd problems.

By the way, I assume you mean it is not working in bright mode - it of couse will not work in dim/aod mode :slight_smile:

What is better than free? A Mike O’Day free watch face.

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Fair enough :slight_smile: Why it defaults to US dates I’ll never know :slight_smile: Yer in day mode it doesn’t work. Ta for the reply

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At the time I was only able to make free faces and I had to decide US format ( mmdd ) or what for me is “normal format” ( ddmm ). I considered the possible range of users and decided that it was likely that the majority of users would prefer the US format so I went with that. I was pleased when I was able to make this a configurable option in the later version ( albeit paid not free ).

Could you explain about your comment

Is there another problem with the face?

Also, if you let me know about the metronome ( does it work in “bright” mode or not ) I will look into it.



Is Facer a US company ? Not sure why the default is US WW/DD/YY as the rest of the word used DD/MM/YY .

:slight_smile: But they are always different to the rest of the world :slight_smile:

Will try the metronome again mate

Na still not gnomeing mate

Thanks, just to be clear though - is it not working in the bright mode as well as not working in the dim mode?

Oh and yes, Facer is a US based company.

In daylight mode mate

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Mmm that’s a pain …

With over 10k syncs you’d think it would have been noticed before! I’ll look into it and see if I can figure out what is wrong.