[WatchFace] Aviator Mk.4 - Altimeter

An easy to read pilot/aviator watch based on an aircraft altimeter gauge.


  • Main “ALT” digital display shows battery charge with warning flags for low level.

  • Top right shows time.

  • Bottom right show date in month/day format.

  • Blue hand indicates step count.

  • AOD mode and square format watches are supported.

  • “Surface finish” of watch face is powdered metal in keeping with the aircraft gauge theme.

The “Watch glass” is placed slightly differently for round versus square watches.

A yellow low “altitude” flag is displayed when the battery level drops to 15%.

And a red very low “altitude” flag is shown at 5% to indicate the level is critically low.

Note: in keeping with the “realistic” theme, the second hand is not hidden when your watch goes into dim mode. This prevents the hand from disappearing and reappearing every time the watch changes mode. Altimeter hands don’t generally do that but they do stop moving sometimes :slight_smile:

I would love to hear what you think.


Looking great, I love it and synced immediately

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Very cool!

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On GW seconds stop in AOD

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Very well done.

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Really great work!


Great stuff as usual @mikeoday !!


Thank you very much guys for your kind words!

Yes it does. Even though watches only update once per minute in AOD mode, I decided to not hide the second hand because it just did not seem right for an “altimeter” hand to just disappear and reappear - but they do stop sometimes :slight_smile:


clean design, very well done !

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Great work!

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Thanks @Jeberuth and @petr.patocka, much appreciated!

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You can’t really see it clearly on the small screen of an actual watch of course but I added quite a bit of small detail to this face …

The shadows in the centre of the new semi-transparent hands move as the hands rotate.

I “powder coated” the whole face ( just like a real altimeter ) and “painted” raised text and marks on smooth black backgrounds to increase the clarity. The screw heads fit inside embossed holes with washers.

The “ALT” digital display has cutouts, borders and shadows to create the tumbler like numerical displays.

And the battery flag is hidden when the watch is fully charged so that the display can show 100 …


Really nice, well done!

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I like this face due to the attention to detail without making the designed overly and unnecessarily complicated. Kudos to you on a job well done.


Thanks guys, that is very kind of you!

I’m not sure all the detail is really visible in the end result but at least I know it’s there. :slight_smile:

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this is fantastic! nice job!

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Thanks your very much!

I like it a lot as well. Fine detail work!

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Cheers Gauss!

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I think it’s fabulous, I create 3D models for watches and I had a watch design with something like this in it…

(from my instagram)

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