[WatchFace] Aviator Mk1 Hurricane - Published :)

An elegant and configurable Aviator / Pilot watch face presenting information in a clear easy to read Always On Display ( AOD ) and allowing instant access to common Apps.

Large white numerals, colourful hands stand out in both bright and dim modes. And to further enhance the “read at a glance” nature of the face, secondary dials present battery charge and steps and additional digital LCDs display the month/date, 12/24hr time, battery charge and step count for quick reference.

The day of the week is shown as a “turn/slip” indicator ( with stops at either end for Sat/Sun midday and Wednesday “humpday” in the middle).

And finally, the top window can be configured to show the current temperature, day of the week or atmospheric pressure ( temperature requires access to weather information and pressure need access to your watch’s barometer ( not all watches have one of these ).

Tap the centre of the face to briefly display the user guide and to unlock the configuration controls.

Available now from Michael O’Day




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Thanks @Gauss!


Now published!


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A wicked cool design, Mike.

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Thanks @ircrotale, much appreciated!

Nice, I like how you make gauges for everything, especially the day of the week and temperature.
Immersion +1

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Thanks! And, yes, I am an old analog guy at heart :slight_smile: