[Watchface] B-2 Spirit

Hows this >>

"A deliberately stealthy, dark military design so dont expect this face to light up the room. In fact quite the opposite, so perfect for sneaking into bed 3hours later than you told your wife you would. Looks awesome back lit by the watch and really comes to life in the evening. Also comes with working Stealth mode! Left dial is of course a working radar! the glow of which illuminates the 3D edges of ticks, dials etc … as it passes. trust me that took some doing! Right dial is steps whilst bottom is battery. Top triangle is HR, left triangle is temp and right is day/date. I hope you like it. "


Very nice! I like the dim mode. :+1:

The “radar/sonar” hand is cool.

You’ve really got me into DIM modes Mike. I’ve spent more time on it today :slight_smile:

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Night vision

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The dim mode is nice.

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Thank you