[WatchFace] B&B - 03

Another free Bits and Bobs design. Check out the light show.


Cool Effect!

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Hi @eradicator09, such a smooth animation and jumping date (?) I am sure you was in hurry during final touch :wink:

very cool @eradicator09. It looks like one weave interlaces with the other.


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Yeah, I was debating using 30 frames during a 2 second animation. It runs about 6-8 fps on my watch. I think it is from the scrolling date at the bottom. The Facer app doesn’t seem to like to continuously calculate when you have an animation present. My original images were a little large so I ran them through the Kraken.io website and got the bunch down to 2MB before uploading.


Hello Mark @eradicator09 ,

inspired though your work I tried tonight (European time) to produce a similar watch face - build with the math expression instead of frame by frame animation. I would be interested, what is your opinion as super professional at this field. Do you have experiences also with this kind of watch face modelling?

Here is the link to watch I am talking about with open inspector mode if you have a second.

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Definitely a cool effect. I have two designs in draft that I’m attempting to emulate using only math expressions. I find straight animations much easier to produce as there is really no work involved. The troubleshooting can be a pain.

In your example, I may slow down the rotation a bit. I am impressed that there doesn’t seem to be much lag.

Hi Mark, thanks, you are right according to troubleshooting :wink: Anyway I will try something with even more elements same time…