[Watchface] B# - Royal Flush

here is one I’m really happy about. The design is a spin-off of the Chrono I made called Double Time. When I was designing that one in photoshop I initially thought it might go in this direction, but the guilloche and styling of the sub dials didn’t fit the hands I had decided to build that one around… But I knew I’d want to revisit the look that had briefly emerged during that process.

So here it is. A formal but I think slightly sporty calendar watch that oozes regal luxury. The small seconds dial on the left can be tapped to change to a 24hr dial. But what I think turned out really well is the different combinations available from the black, blue, and slate base dials and sub dials all create a really attractive variation. What I like is that any single combo looks like it could be the original intended design and not just a variation.

Of course there is also the selectable Hybrid Mode for one tap access to essential smart watch info! And a cool lume that glows only after sunset. Check the watch guide pics for more details and tap instructions!

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