[WatchFace] B Sharp - Heartcore - fully animated tourbillon

This is a Facer-only version of my design called Heartcore which has been available on the Watchmaker Premium platform since last year. I’ve included the lume, but I may do a no-lume version. I hope to be able to offer the full version in the future which has a selectable “hybrid mode” which seamlessly integrates smart watch info into the design.

I’ve searched pretty thoroughly in Facer for tourbillons. There are quite a few that use that term but surprisingly I didn’t find any that were both completely and properly constructed and animated. So possibly this is the first here on Facer? Don’t get me wrong, there are some very well done animated escapements, but not full tourbillons. The closest I’ve found is the Waldhoff faces, but for some reason they left out the pallet fork.


Very nice one! nice animation of the tourbillon. It looks like a Ulyss Nardin or I’m wrong?
I have already built a Breguet tourbillon by the past but maybe too small … I know @GAUSS also did a wonderfull one.

… and coincidence, we got the same idea as I’m also working on a revision with this model !!!


Thanks @jeberuth . You’re probably thinking 9f the UN “Freak” series of watches. Those are amazing but not actually tourbillons. The entire watch movement is built into the central minute hand. The escapement assembly is seen but it’s not a tourbillon. (The UN Freak Blue Phantom was actually one of the first watches I ever drew entirely from scratch in Photoshop about 2 years ago)

There are a couple of independent watch makers who have made a model with a large central tourbillon as this has but there are none that look like my design. The tourbillon itself is based on FP Journe’s. I have a couple of other tourbillon designs that I made a different styled tourbillon for too.

I’ve seen Gauss’ tourbillon face. It’s a great looking design and the graphics and animation are great like all his work too! But it’s not constructed like a true tourbillon. I think it’s a very common mistake to call any animated escapement a tourbillon. I didn’t know the difference myself when I started this hobby :slight_smile:
Yours is close, and it looks great! But it also needs the pallet fork to be complete.

Thank you for the nice words. I do have working tourbillons with working pallet forks at my drafts but i didn‘t publish them yet.


That’s also looking nice, @jeberuth!

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@GAUSS looking forward to seeing them!

Thanks @kvansant
True, I didn’t represent the fork pallet on the stop wheel …!
Maybe for my next ones :slight_smile:

I will do but for now i make party. We have 6 days carnival in Dusseldorf and Cologne. :smiley:

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