[WatchFace] B Sharp - Inspiration #1 Platinum Starburst

here’s one more before I’m away from my PC for the week. It’s a platinum starburst variation of the 1st face I made from this series.

I’ve used this starburst texture for many watch faces. Just because we were discussing dynamic lighting here recently I thought I’d include it for this dial. Honestly I don’t think it necessarily adds anything, …or not much. But to me it also doesn’t take anything away so I left it for now.


It is very nice the sunray burst texture looks so real .

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Thanks @jimmycheung ! That’s my goal! I appreciate the feedback :beers:

I also liked the ability to “animate” the surface of the dial and in recent works I use it. I don 't know if I can upload my own version here, so I give you a link to one of the latest versions. oldermaster - blt52 - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

@blt Nice! That’s a good use of it, works well with that design. Like I’ve said, I think it can be effective, but for my own usage I usually feel when I use dynamic lighting layers the plusses of the effect don’t outweigh the negatives on the overall quality of the light/texture I can otherwise get. still fun to experiment sometimes though :grin:

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