[WatchFace] B Sharp - Inspiration Series #1

As I continue to wade deeper into the waters here at Facer, I have a bit of a conundrum. I have 30+ original designs which have been created and released on the Watchmaker platform. I’d like to recreate and make them available here on Facer, and hope to eventually. But as these are all faces which are only available as paid faces, I do not just want to make them available free here, each one represents hours and hours of work. But apparently there is a significant threshold that must be reached before one can sell faces on Facer. So, how to reach that threshold without giving away all my work? (I have already created reduced FREE versions here of several of my paid faces)

So I’ve decided to begin a series I’m calling “Inspiration” in which I will create some new designs based on or at least inspired by some of my favorite watches. My purpose is twofold: 1) to further introduce my work to the Facer community and get more content up here, and 2) to serve as a way for me to explore some design ideas and further develop graphics techniques which will hopefully inspire future more comprehensive Premium designs.

These faces will still have all the uncompromising detail and quality characteristic of all B sharp faces, they just won’t have the tap actions and additional “Hybrid Mode” functions that the full featured Premium faces will have.

This first face in the series is simply an elegant time and date watch design. The seconds hand indicates battery level in dim. I hope you enjoy!


Beautiful. Once again I regret the watch I own with its giant black bezel and the screen brighter than the sun that makes most dark colors look bright gray lol :frowning: But objectively… beautiful work as always.

Beautiful is the right word for this creation. One tip: I would make indizies for the battery bezel in DIM-Mode.

Thank you @AllenMiquel. What watch do you use? There’s no brightness control? My older H1 doesn’t have auto brightness so if I have max brightness set for outside then come indoors a face like this would look as you described, but it looks as intended once I lower the watch brightness.

Thanks @GAUSS, that’s a good idea. If I later develop this design into something more comprehensive I’ll likely do something like that, …if I don’t add an always visible power indicator. Instead. For this series I consider these more as early sketches so while I’m putting maximum attention into the graphics, I’m not as concerned about integrating all the things will come to mind for how to fully equip a future design based on the sketch.

Problem is I like the watch at full brightness, I spend a lot of time outside. For me it doesn’t make much sense to lower the brightness just to adjust the color on a watch face sadly xD The watch is the Active 2, it’s both a blessing and a curse that it’s SO bright.

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Nice clean but know what it needs! Good job!

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does “auto brightness” work for you? I feel like on my old Samsung Frontier I rarely used auto brightness though I don’t remember why. On My Fossil Gen 5 the auto brightness works great so I leave it there. H1 doesn’t have it, so that’s a bit of a hassle as you say having to manually adjust throughout the day. I’m curious about the Summit 2, but I would expect the auto brightness to be reliable on that. Still waiting on delivery…

Auto brightness works but it’s slow, takes the thing a second to pick up on where it needs to be, and that’s usually too long when I just want to quickly see what time it is or any of the other things my watch face displays, so I just leave it at full and when outdoors it’ll always be fine, and indoors it doesn’t really blind me since the watch face is pretty dark anyway.

Such a beautiful, clean watch. keep them coming!

Those look like Laurent Ferrier hands. My all time favorite.

I have duplicated this one below for my Galaxy Watch (I can’t make it public because it’s an exact copy), but oh, those hands…

In fact, every one of his watches are a work of art

Here are a few examples

Good eye @tiktybu! Indeed these hands are LF styled. In fact this watchface design is very directly inspired by a LF watch. You’re right, they are typically gorgeous watches, the backs almost more than the fronts!

Very true! And your homages are beautiful.