[WatchFace] B Sharp Inspiration Series # 12

I’ve always appreciated how a black minimal face looks on the smart watch. And I’ve always wanted to try to make a cyclops magnifier :grin: Here is my minimalistic, stealthy riff on an iconic design. Very easy to read at-a-glance time and date, battery friendly. And of course, uncompromising B Sharp graphics. Because of its simplicity it will also look great on any smart watch brand or style.


Once again the starburst dial compelled me to make another variation of this design :grin:


This one is awesome! Others too, but this is my favourite…

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thanks! @safesz Sometimes simple is what looks best :slight_smile:


a couple more. Gold, which I always find hard, and blue, which I always find easy :grin:


Simplicity is the hardest way to design !
Conceptually speaking, I like to have a lot of data on my watch
Then, tastes change every day … another advantage to have a smartwatch :wink:
Btw, very nice series :clap:


Okay so be it… is it possible to share that straburts bcgr (clean image)? If not, i understand, but i wish to use this type of texture on my faces, and i cant find something else on the net… THNX anyway, gj dude, keep up these awesome work!

@safesz I don’t share my graphics as my “finishing” details are a unique characteristic of my work, but I’ll tell you how to make this texture yourself, then the result will be your own :slight_smile:

Start with a light gray square file. (Bigger is better) Add noise (experiment with how much, maybe start with 12-15%), apply radial blur selecting “zoom”, again experiment with different amounts for different results. The result will be a bit flat so next apply some lighting via gradient and color overlays. I do this kind of thing through layer styles and blending modes, others do the same thing with adjustment layers. You can also stack layers of this effect to further tinker.

I hope this helps!

thnx but i cant use photoshop… anyway your job is brilliant!

thanks! Can you use gimp? It’s free! and you can do pretty much the same thing.

no, i am using only ulead photoimpact, and i am too old to learn a new program, but will check it… who knows :wink:

I think if you ask for anything again, they will help you, so just feel free to write. I’m ready to help you too :slight_smile: