[WatchFace] B Sharp - Inspiration Series #2 - Slate

I was doing another dial with a slate sunburst and thought it would also make a nice color variation for this one.


Oh man… that sunburst texture… this what i looking for a very long time… you created it? Anyway, awesome job… all of them.

Thanks @safesz! It’s always been my favorite too. And yes, every pixel of every detail in all my work is created from scratch in Photoshop.

I like the sunburst texture as well. At the moment i am experimenting with a gyro controlled version.

I’m always a little torn about gyro lighting effects. There is definitely potential for it to be a positive addition, but in practice I’ve found more often then not it ends up being kind of a neat effect that doesn’t actually make it look better. There are definitely some exceptions though. I’ve experimented with it a lot in watchmaker, and actually a little bit with this face, but in the end usually feel I can get a better look to the lighting without a gyro layer. Plus with Facer’s quick 3 sec flip to dim mode there’s hardly a chance to see the effect. I’ll be curious to see what you come up with.

Btw… Do you see the preview above with a black square around the face that covers part of the watch case, or is it showing properly contained inside the watch?

For some reason starting today all the previews on my phone started showing with a black square around the face, but on the PC the previews don’t have that.

For me the preview looks allright.

And you are right. In most cases gyro animations don‘t look very impressive…

It may be related to the andoid system update that was just pushed to my phone. But I do remember seeing some preview looking like that in the past too, but not any of my own until today.