[Watchface] B Sharp - Inspiration Series # 3

here’s another one that I have made for my Inspiration Series. I don’t usually think about making diver styled watches but I do often like how they look. I also like how orange accents look against black on a watch. Of course I’m always a fan of blue as well so I might publish a blue version of this too.

Full lume on this one, but I may publish a no lume also. I really don’t like the quick trigger Facer uses to dim mode. In Watchmaker there is a way to code dim mode options so the user can turn off the lume or have it only come on after sundown. Is such an option possible in Facer? Of course it would require the Var options only available to “pro” users and so far I’m not willing to pay for that, so for now it’s a moot question I guess.


I like your diver style :wink:

DIM mode can’t be controled as you would like … the only available option I know with this mode is to make the layers visible or not. Worth to be mentioned is the interpAccell functions to allow smooth transition at watch wake up

Thanks, can you tell me more about the interpAccell functions and how I’d implement that?

I think it’s probably possible to code in some variables related to either time of day or sunset / sunrise times in the opacity fields of the dim mode layers. I know the watch will still go to dim, but if the lume layer is set to 0 opacity it obviously won’t show. That’s how we accomplish that in Watchmaker. I’m just still learning my way around the Facer expressions.

I published a blue version of this face too.


good combination with the blue summit strap!
then, the depth effect is even better with this version.

(x+y*interpAccel(time variable, min, max, acceleration factor))
interpAccel output gives a smooth variation from 0 to 1
x=starting value
y= end value (+x !!!)

opacity: (20+80*interpAccel(#DWE#,0,1,2))
the opacity will increase immediately after wake up from 20 to 100 within 1s

You will find better explanations there


@jeberuth Thanks! I’ll look into this!

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