[WatchFace] B Sharp - Inspiration Series #4

here is yet another brand new face in my Inspiration Series. I think I’ll do a couple of variations of this one. Perhaps including a no-lume version.


I was about to post a picture of the brownish version I just published, but before I could I got a copyright/takedown notice from Facer !? Only for the brown version, not this blue one.

The notice said suspected infringement is for Hamilton. That’s even more crazy because I have a lot of influences but Hamilton is not even one of them. I’ve never even closely looked over a Hamilton watch!

Are Facer flag-bots just trigger happy? Too realistic??

so after a few hours they restored the 2nd version calling the flag a false-positive. I immediately made a very minor update and it was immediately flagged/removed again! Fortunately this time their response was quick and they say it should be safe to update now.

here’s the 2nd version of this one… should be a great match with a brown leather strap!