[WatchFace] B Sharp - Inspiration Series #9 retro/modern

In the 1970s there was a brief trend for watchmakers to use faceted glass crystals. This watch is based on one of my favorites of those watches. But I tried to modernize it a little so it’s not completely retro styled.

Normally I don’t like glass effects on watch faces because our watches already have their own real glass which produces the glare are reflection naturally so it’s redundant and kind of silly looking to draw it into the face. But I really wanted to take on the graphics challenge of creating a realistic faceted glass look. It’s not merely casting a single shadow but rather an array of shadows and at the same time amplifying the light as like sunrays through a prism.

In the end it actually looks surprisingly effective on the watch so I’m pleased with how it turned out.

I’ll do a few colors I’m sure.


here’s a slate version.


Those things are awesome! I’d only use them for special occasions if I wanted to be flashy but that’s just because I like my watch to have as much info as possible. Awesome Work!

Thanks @KoTa! My watch passion is for mechanical watches I can’t afford :slight_smile: so I make my own! My whole brand concept is rooted in mechanical watch realism both in terms of trying to make the graphics look like real materials, but also designs that reflect realistic mechanical complications. I too want the smart watch info, but I don’t like to compromise that defining principle. Later these designs will be full featured with a tap action to display what I call a Hybrid Mode that will contain all the essential smart watch info. This is how I’ve been doing all the B Sharp designs on another platform, but can’t bring that to Facer unless/until I get designer partner status. …So stay tuned!


Everyone has their own preferences. :+1: I like to do crazy digital designs. Nothing wrong with either. I can still appreciate the art of yours. I love the mechanical look as well, but again it just doesn’t fit my daily needs. But, If I’m going out to a nice dinner, I’ll rock one of yours for sure!

Yup, that’s the beauty of making your own :slight_smile: