[Watchface] B Sharp - Keleidoscope (free)

Here is a 2nd B Sharp face I’ve brought over to Facer.

Kaleidoscpe is concieved as a time-only art piece. This free version has my favorite of the 4 design themes included in the full version. There is also a lume for dim mode. The full version also has an integrated Hybrid Mode for additional smart watch info (date, steps/distance, weather, heart rate)

I usually like to mention that all graphics are 100% created from scratch in Photoshop. No cutting or stock graphics ever.

click for video demo of full version


Like it ! so cleeeean!

Looks very good!

Thanks @jeberuth !

@GAUSS thanks! Btw… Which summit 2 did you choose? It was kind of a hard choice for me between stainless steel or titanium case. But I chose titanium. I think it will work better with rose gold designs, but of course still work great with blacks/blues/greys. I think the dual color stainless case would look great with your black designs.

After research and discussing it with the government (my beloved wife😍) i choosed the black steel with black milanese watch band. I already own classic silver ones and wanted an elegant black this time. Besides, i do create a lot of black watch faces and want to look how good they match with an whole black smartwatch. My second choice would have been the bi color and the third the titanium.

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Can’t go wrong with any of them! I actually would have loved the one they call Brown (essentially looks rose gold) but that’s a very specific look that is only most compatible with limited range of faces. I already have a stainless H1 too so that factored into my choice of titanium.

The titanium is a very good choice.

I’ve published a 2nd NO-LUME version of this face that is otherwise identical after a lengthy exchange with someone who reported a problem with the greys flashing on his screen in dim mode on his Tic Watch. I can’t duplicate that issue so I’m suspecting it was a problem with his watch, but I’m curious if anyone else encounters such a problem. Please let me know if you do!

Same issue on my Fossil QExplorist. The DIM Mode has some slight “flickers” on the grey parts.
It’s a well known issue probably due to settings, contrast, color, etc.
There is nothing to do in my opinion …

I do now remember light colored faces would flicker a bit in dim mode on my Gen 4 Fossil. They sent me a Gen 5 last summer after my Gen 4 had a couple of failures. The flickering doesn’t seem to happen on the Gen5 or the much older Huawei Watch 1. Like you say, there may be nothing to be done.

That is a good looking design.