[Watchface] B Sharp - The Theme

This design is the first time I’ve integrated the use of the Facer color picker (Themes). Generally I devise my own themes combining varied colors and textures rather than just applying a blanket color change. And to be honest there are a lot of color options in the theme picker that are not what I view as the most compatible with my designs. But on the other hand, black or white bases work pretty well with almost any accent color, and it’s fun to have options. So for this design I started with a fixed blue theme, but then made a black base dial with themeable color accents, and a white base dial with even more themeable accents. Additionally the lume in dim mode (only glows after sunset) is matched to the theme color.

So beyond that, this is simply a contemporary take on the traditional Day/Date watch with large, easy to read elements and luxurious styling. There is also the selectable Hybrid Mode integrated into the design to display essential smart watch info. And of course, the aforementioned lume.

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