[WatchFace] BD0021

Hi, I am new to making faces, been about 3 days now. This is the newest and most complicated I have tried yet! Looking for some critique and and maybe some pointers to fine toon.

Clock Digital
Weather, Battery

Info: For some reasson the Facer app is not diplaying this correctly, but you can view this via the facer web page and it will display correctly

Time rises and falls based on battery charge.
Sunrise/Sunset 5:30AM/8:30PM
Duck crosses screen based on steps.
Man Mows based on BPM.


Very cool - great concept and graphics. Well done!

A couple of points:

For some reason the duck flies backwards sometimes.

At 10:30am there is cloud showing up at ground level - is that fog?

By the way, this guy is way obsessive - mid-day sun, ran, snow and thunderstorms - he really needs to chill and let the grass grow sometimes! Oh, and I do worry about the duck in the thunderstorm :slight_smile:

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The duck is using an orbiting x+y position based on steps, i dont know how to set a range of steps like 3k, 5k for this so he just fly back and forth!

Yes the ground level clouds are supposed to be fog!

Thanks, I was more worried about the guy mowing in the snow!

I am also have an issue with the time jump at 11:55 pm to above the top of the screen! I dont think it will matter since if the battery is that low then it will shut off with a few minutes or they’ll put it on the charger.

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By the way, I like the idea of adding growing grass!

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Mmm, how many steps does it take to go from one side to the other ?

I think the following may work:

Let’s say it takes 2000 steps to go from one side to the other, then you could have two layers, one with a duck facing/going to the right and the other facing/going to the left and then set the transparency as follows:

Right heading layer: $((#ZSC#/2000)%2)<=1?100:0$

Left heading layer: $((#ZSC#/2000%2)<=1?0:100$

Effectively this is determining the number of trips across the face. If it is odd then show the right. If it is even then show left.

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Ahahahah that’s so funny :joy:

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Awesome design. If I may suggest, you could replace the mower with a snowblower for the winter conditions.

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Sure would be nice if you would show how you did that. PLS.

Thanks for the suggestions. Ithink a snowblower for winter is beyond my level at the moment, as I am seeing some issues after running this for a few days! For some reason the battery level is not making the time go down as it should!

I have left the “inspection” thing open which I believe allows you to see what I’ve done, but I have not used that yet and don’t know how it works.

If you enable inspection mode and paste a link to your design then others can see all the details of your design but cannot save any edits they make. If can be useful if you want someone to look at and/or debug your design.

The steps to follow to get and post the link are:

a. load the face in the editor
b. enter the preview mode by clicking on the middle icon at the bottom right of the screen
c. after the page loads, copy the whole url address and post it in the thread

the address should look something like
Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more

and in the thread it should look like this

ie. it needs to post in as a link not as a watchface preview box so that people can follow the link to see it in inspection mode.

I am assuming this is the Link:

The button says “Showcase Mode”

Thanks Mikeoday

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Yes that works :slight_smile:

I also posted the link on the watchface preview. I dont know if thats allowed? but its done!

Thanks for enabling the inspection mode. Nice work. I have been running it for about 3 days now, and for the life of me I can’t find the frog, or the lawnmower man doesn’t move. I cut grass and watch for weather and have 2 stations in my back lot. So, grassman/weather nerd here. Nice face, keep up the good work. and Thanks for your time.