[Watchface] Beast Master

Not sure where i’m going with this. I wanted to play with the flip numbers. Ignore DIM mode and the odd bits that show as i have a few bits hidden that i’m playing with.

Any idea’s on which way to go with it?


ive tried all kinds of iterations but cant settle with anything?

C’mon @dazstacey, where’s your imagination when i need it :slight_smile:

ok, So I went with Beast Master for now. Totally the opposite direction to the plainer metal watch I had in mind but it’ll do for now.

I enjoyed playing with the number wheel/flipper look.

I would make the flames animated for sure.
I know its hard work, but it would make a hell of a difference, also maybe a small glow of the sword every know and then

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Indeed, I thought i’f i keep it it will need animated flames. I will have a play with it maybe this evening or weekend. Playing with another piece at the moment. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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Maybe also along this grey outside circle, you could have esome drops of fuel feeding the flames lol.

Maybe one step too far lol

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lol, mate. i’m still a noob dont forget :smiley: