[WatchFace] Beating Heart

Managed get onto the Valentines day band wagon just in time :wink:

A watch face to load for your significant other on the red letter day. :slight_smile:

I would not have been able to master and use many of the features employed on this face without the detailed tutorials and resources available on this forum.

Thanks guys! Hope you like the face.

Comments and suggestion welcome, as always.

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I would revise the graphics of the hands and heart to match the dial of the watch. Right now, they have jagged edges and they don’t really match the simplistic monochromatic background.
Other than that, another elegant watch face!

Thanks, point taken.
This is what happens when engineers enter the world of “art”. :wink:
Function over form.

The problem is that my graphics skills do not match my design ideas & technical ability.

Valentines day set a deadline for publishing this face so I took “shortcuts” to make my idea reality.
Those elements do look terrible on a large high resolution computer screen and need to be redrawn from scratch to fix it.
However it is much less noticeable on a small lower resolution watch screen.
Even the “handwriting” font looks bad on my PC, but displays fine on my watch.

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Great face - I love the concept.

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Thanks Mike, mission accomplished :grin:

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BTW anybody willing to contribute improved cupid arrow hands plus matching centre heart, is welcome to do so. I will acknowledge your contribution in the face description with link to your Facer profile (if that is possible and allowed) :ok_hand:

Else I have a year to brush up my GIMP skills and draw my own. :blush:

Was looking for one of @GAUSS 's faces today and out of curiosity clicked on his favorites collection… what a surprise! :blush: :blush:

Thanks Gauss, that is a huge compliment from a Facer Creator Partner, much appreciated. :smiley: :star_struck:
So kind of you to take the time to look at the designs of new members and featuring some in your favorites irrespective of the technical level of execution; impressive.

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Oh, nothing to thank for. I simply like the watch face. :+1:

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