[WatchFace] Beyond the Sea - Animated ๐ŸŒŠ by pacingpoet

Sit back and watch the clouds go by, like cotton candy in the sky.
(The Cliff Walk at Pourville by Claude Monet)

Tags: Wanderlust Monet art landscape seascape shoreline France nature
summer sea sky travel animated ๅฟƒ

Comments and feedback welcome. This is my very first watch face!


  1. Right-justified 12-hour digital time.
  2. Added monochromatic Dim background.
  3. Replaced monochromatic with tinted full color Dim background.
  4. Added Step Icon.
  5. Added Weather Conditions (Dim side only).
  6. Added Temperature (Dim side only).
  7. Animated the sky.

Very nice! Love the backstory for the design of this watch face. Welcome to the Facer community!

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Can you tell me the code for the battery status of the phone itself?? and where can i find those icons? Thanks

#PBP# = Phone Level Percentage

You can read about all available tags at: Tags | Facer Documentation

I pulled the icons I liked best off Google image search.

Here are the icons that I have been using. They are white on a transparent background.
Upload, scale dimensions, and set tint as desired in Facer Creator.

smartphone icon + smartwatch icon: (click below to preview; right-click below to download)


I hope this subtle animation is still โ€œinteresting enoughโ€ to others.

For sure. Subtlety can be a great addition to a design. Its that extra something that sets it apart. Not all of my animations are over the top. I have a couple that will release soon with a simple twinkling star effect (like your To The Stars design).

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Thanks, @eradicator09! Since you mentioned it - To The Stars: