[WatchFace] Black Panther Themes - Published :)

Now published …



This is a nice look Mike! Is there a significance to the black panther?

Thanks! And no particular significance. Very early in my time on Facer I tried to come up with a new kind of “elegant” design that might appeal to a different audience. My first “Black Panther” face came out of that process. I have made a few since, initially free but now paid, and this is my latest iteration adding in App Launcher functionality and a new look with much improved graphics. Some people like the panther and some not so much. For the last couple, and including this one, I have provided a means to show or hide various elements on the face including the panther.

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ah, thanks for the background. I hadn’t seen the other earlier versions so just was curious. :slight_smile:

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Now published.

Note: The Black Panther is hidden by default and can be shown via the configuration settings :slight_smile:

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