[WatchFace] Black Pearl - Dress Watch - published

Update 10 March:

Blue Satin, published as well :slight_smile:

Update 8 March:

I decided to publish first a French navy blue version …

I have started to work on a dress watch version of my Black Pearl watch.

I think the background may be bit dark - what do you think?

Of course, the little diamonds are way too small to see clearly on the actual watch, but at least I know they are there :slight_smile:


Based on the Black Pearl Dive Watch, this dress watch version features simple elegant hands, a French navy blue face and diamonds have replaced the simple dots on the outer ring.


That is beautiful. That’s one of the best faces I’ve seen in a while. Excellent work.

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Great work, I too enjoy the little details. It’s thoes that give the little push needed to make it from looks like a digital watch to looks like a real watch.

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Thanks guys, that is very kind you :slight_smile:

Another variation as I keep trying to tweak the basic design …

This one has a semi-shiny satin like background and I have started to experiment with adding a bevel around the edge in attempt to add some depth to the face.

One of my favourites… beautiful design

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Thank you @ozarour, much appreciated.

I decided to publish the blue satin version as well as the French navy blue. The differences are subtle, but still …


( I deleted my reply - needs more thought)