[WatchFace] Black Pearl - Yemaya Sunrise - Now Featured :)

Update 13 March

Minor tweak today.

I have increased the size of the sunrise, sunset and 24hr hands on the auxiliary dial to make them more visible.

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I have taken my latest Yemaya Ver.2 face and added a 24hr dial with sunrise and sunset indicators.

I would love to know what you think…


Well done, I like it - especially the moon phases indicator !
What “Yemaya” refers to ? Google told me that Yemaya is a kind of sea goddess, is that correct ?

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Thanks you, that is very kind of you.

I introduced a mermaid into my Black Pearl design quite early on; I thought it went well with the dive watch theme. After I added the moon phase indicator I went looking for a name that would combine the concepts of the ocean, mermaids and the moon. I quickly came accross references to Yemaya ( or Yemanya ) who, as a goddess of the sea and the moon, appears as a beautiful woman or mermaid and watches over those who enter upon the sea. I thought the name worked well with the theme.

So, I have kept the name Yemaya for my Black Pearl dive watch design that features the moon. This particular one does not have the mermaid but a future variation will.

Thanks again

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A further update is in the works, it will become Yemaya V3 …

  1. small mermaid added to the “blue pointer” second hand

  2. sun and moon indicator arms added to the main clock.

These show the local “solar time positions” of the Moon and the Sun over a 24hr period:

  • top of the watch is 1200hrs local solar time; sun is at highest point in the sky and crossing the local meridian
  • bottom of the watch is 0000hrs solar time; sun is on the otherside of the globe, directly opposite the local meridian
  • full moon occurs when the moon is direclty opposite the sun on the watch face. New moon is when the moon and sun hands overlap. And, of course, 1st and 3rd quarters are when the moon and sun hands are 90deg apart.

Note that local solar time takes into account the equation of time ( approximately ) and daylight savings. That is, now ( 12th March ), in Sydney, local solar time is “slow” compared to the clock ( Aust. Eastern Summer Time ) by around 1hr 5mins. So the sun symbol will be at the top of the watch at 1:05pm and the bottom of the watch at 1:05 am.

Note that the numbers on the watch face cannot be used to “tell the time” of the sun and moon hands as they are, of course, based on a 12hr dial. The small dial under the “12” however, does show 24hr time. In a future interation I might add 24hr based numbers to the outer ring ( that already has 24 dot/tick marks ).


Very cool series of watches you have going here. Could put them into a collection if you haven’t already.

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Thank you Orion. I had not thought of putting my designs into a collection; I don’t know how to go about doing that, I’ll look into it. Thanks. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! Here is a link to the generals of creating a collection. Facer.io 4.3.0 is now live (curate your own collections!)

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Thank you very much, I’ll take a look. :slight_smile:

Minor tweak today.

I have increased the size of the sunrise, sunset and 24hr hands on the auxiliary dial to make them more visible.


versus original:


A further update to the upcoming V3 …

Numbers added to the outer, 24hr, ring.

Slightly larger version of little mermaid to improve definition.

Small jeweled indicators for Sun and Moon position in “Solar time” and a jeweled arrow head for the 24hr “average time” marker. ( note that the angular difference between the sun hand and the 24hr hand is due to daylight savings and the “equation of time” ).

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Just been Featured :mask: