[WatchFace] Black Pearl - Yemaya Sunrise - Promotional video :)

An elegant and configurable dive style watch face presenting information in a clear easy to read Always On Display ( AOD ) that allows instant access to common Apps.

With its large numerals and bright hands you can read the time and date at glace while you keep track of the Sun and the Moon they race each other across the sky each day to meet up briefly once per month.

Sunrise and sunset times are shown in the top dial, watch battery in the middle and a window into the sky shows the moon as it changes during the month, while a small silver moon-let rotates in its track around the outside of the window to indicate the age of the moon in days.

Tap the centre of the face to briefly display the user guides and to unlock the user controls for colour theme, second hand and outer ring configuration and more.


Available now!



As always, great. Waiting for when you publish :slightly_smiling_face:

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Perfect !

it’s a whale at the tail of the second hand ?

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Thank you very much, with Easter I think it will be out early to mid next week.

Thank you. It is a mermaid.


Cool stuff and I was hoping that was a sea monkey.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I really like how you made what seems to be the sunrise and sunset hands, I think that is very unique. Nice job once again.

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I like those too! Christiaan van der Klaauw inspired?

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Mmm not sunrise and sunset hands @WilliamS :slight_smile:

The sun and moon show the relative position of them both in the sky. When the sun is at 12 it is directly overhead and when the moon is directly opposite the sun there is a full moon.

There are sunset and sunset hands - the small hands in the top sub-dail.

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Thanks @kvansant.

The idea for the hands grew out of an earlier design where hand-less indicators ( sunrise and sunset in that case ) rotated around the outside of the face. I like both concepts but I think the thin black hands go well with this design. I am not familiar with the work of Christiaan van der Klaauw.

Nice one! I love all the hands on this watch.

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Thank you very much!

As Macklemore said… This is fc.king awesome!!!

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Thanks @safesz !

well I love the idea! hands like that wouldn’t work on every watch but they fit well here. CvdK is one of the great independent makers (Dutch). I thought you might have come across some of his designs at some point because of these hands but also his standard formal central hands are a modified Breguet style a lot like those you’ve used on your recent Midnight Style designs. Before I got my first smart watch 2 1/2 years ago I didn’t know or care a thing about watches. But once I started making faces that all changed :slight_smile: Now I probably have explored 300+ brands and independent makers! There is much creative and design cross-pollination in the watch world, nothing at all wrong with that! :slight_smile:

Thanks and no, not come across him or his designs. My “Breguet” style hands are similar in style to those common on pocket watches in the late 1800s. :slight_smile:

Now published!


Looks great Mike!

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