[Watchface] Blue Flame 2

Unique animated natural gas blue flaming numbers tell the time on this watch face. Of all the watch faces I created, the original Blue Flame has my favorite font, and I wanted to create this update for it.

Current temperature with day/night aware weather condition icon on the left side. Next 5 day forecast daily high/low temperatures graphed in the middle along with forecast condition below.

Steps, heart rate and phone battery level on the right. Phone battery level is green above 60%, red below 30% and yellow in between. Bottom edge is a watch battery level meter showing green above 60%, red below 30% and yellow in between.

OLED friendly. Imperial, metric, AOD mode, 12 hour mode, 24 hour mode compatible.

Warning: Due to the animated font, the preview in the Android App doesn’t work well. Hours in 12hr mode don’t seem to show. This is only a function of the preview in the app. I am not sure about the Apple app. Web preview seems ok, most of the time but does take a long time to load. It works very well on the watch. Also, initial loading time is longer than normal.