[WatchFace] Blue (?)

Help me !

I have strictly no idea how to name my new watch :frowning:
Could you give me some ideas please ?
Blue is … a little short in fact !

And of course, if you see some disturbing or awfull things on it, please tell me, it’s the only way to please everybody…


Very nice design!

Sorry, not that good with names; but Blue works for me :slight_smile:

How about “Blue Steel” :wink:

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thank you guys !
Sometimes simple is the best :slight_smile:

@dubblebee, nice idea ! I change it right now !!
…and added a wink to you in the description


Ha brilliant!
Good luck with it.

I would change the weather font color and shading altogether for readability :slight_smile:
Good Job!

Thank you @ttarabichi, I had problems with that color, even if it’s the complementary color of grey :-/
So I changed the background instead !
That’s better like this, you were right.

I also changed the hands, I think the new ones are better :wink: