[ Watchface ] Bokeh-Mon! Gotta Catch Em All!

Watchface #100!

Just a quick abstract watchface. I was playing around in GIMP with some tutorials and liked the effect and wondered if I could make a watchface from it!

7 random colors on an animated watchface!

EDIT: Fun fact! I was stuck on a boring conference meeting and saw the arrow wheel in someone’s powerpoint presentation. I stopped what I was doing and made the watch :smiley:


Haha, those are the best faces.

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@cth4242 i really like this, gives me many ideas of watch faces. None of which i know how to make lol. Maybe you could make one where when it rotates, it will reveal a pic or something in one of the sections. For instance maybe when one of the sections shows up at 3 o clock area it reveals your calendar appts for the day or whatever , or holidays , soooo many possibilities :slight_smile: great job