This is your wrist breathalyzer :slight_smile: If you can level your beer you’ll have a thumb up and a salute! Always drink responsible! Cheers!

Unfortunately you can test it only on your watch, but not until it’s published…


Haha, nice idea!

Your giving back the money if it won’t work ???

selling something that won’t do like the advertising tells is a rippoff in most countries…

Ha ha, first You give me your money, then I give it back if it doesn’t work! Its not on sell yet! And dont forget if you believe it - blow in the hole designed for breathalyzing on your watch!
And if someone is still wondering if it works I have a watchface for that :star_struck::


When its published you will can test in your phone app before buy it (motion sensor is not available as preview in the web). And of course Facer returns money if the product doesn’t work. Sometimes it’s not a Facer issue (but Wear os or Tizen) and most of the educated buyers undertsand the problem and wait until the issue is fixed. Greetings.

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