[watchface] BumbleBee

This is BumbleBee, a “Fan Art” watch face dedication to the movie “BumbleBee” that will be released in December this year (trailer: YouTube).

My son and I love the transformers movie series and the trailer inspired me to create the watch face. The web browser preview may be a little laggy, but when viewed in the mobile facer app and on the watch everything works great. I wanted to take a minute and thank all of you who have posted example code and answered questions, the examples and learning was used to build this watch face.

I wanted to say “Thank You” directly to @GAUSS, @Tomas, @Orakix, @cth4242, @eradicator09, @Gavin, @jmorga106, and @Mellin. These were the forum responses and examples that were used the most to build the watch, you are all great people!

This was a lot of fun to build and create! The watch animation is using the wakerand(1,3) so you may have to wake multiple times to view the BumbleBee transform into the watch animation.

As always Enjoy!


Watch Description:

Meet BumbleBee, a “Fan Art” creation for the upcoming Paramount Pictures Movie “BumbleBee”. The watch has a cool animation on the wake of the watch, it is randomized so you may have to wake the watch a couple of times to see BumbleBee transform into the watch! The watch face has the following information: weather and temperature, watch & phone battery, heart BPM, step count and date.

Hope you enjoy the watch face!

Category: Fun

BumbleBee, BPM, step count, phone battery, watch battery, weather, transformers, animation, tutorial


Great looking face, well done!

That is so awesome! Glad to see another Transformers fan making watches!

I’ve been debating on making one for the movie but was having trouble coming up with something.

You nailed it!

Very good work, especially the startup-animation. The watch face itself is clear and has a good readability. Greetings, GAUSS aka Phantasico

Really well done! As others have said. The start up animation is really cool.

I’m very thankful I was able to help you in some way. Thanks for sharing your work, we’ll done!