[WatchFace] Burst

Edit:/ Updated the red to a more orange color. Made some fairly understated hands so as not to offset the delicate balance of an unbalanced design. Yeah,I said that.


Super design!

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Well done!

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Thank you all.

A very nice unique design, well done!

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Thanks, mike

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Wow, I cannot figure out why this watch face is set to premium. It is a simple design with no “pro” features added. Could this be why no downloads or is it just a not an interesting design?

I had a look and I can’t see any pro elements …

Did you add any promotional images when you published it? If you did this will also make it a premium face.

Not that I am aware of. This is truly odd.

Well I suppose you could always just re-create it and publish it as a new non-premium watch face. :slight_smile:

That is an option. Whose to say the follow-on product will be tagged identically as premium? Either I am an idiot or there is some item not identified to me as a “pro” feature that I have included. Sure, it could be some oversight on my part, but there should be a clear delineation between free and premium that is obvious to the person designing and publishing the product. Facer could add a streamer in the developer and publisher screens advising the “status” of the design as free or premium. If nothing else, a popup disclaimer saying this product requires a premium account to use, are you sure you want to proceed? It can also specify which elements may be driving it to be premium.

Edit:/ I made the suggestion to create what I call a Seller Status Streamer. Seller Status Streamer

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