[ Watchface ] Celtic World Tree

My wife wanted me to create a personalized watchface for her.

As it turns out other people liked the design, so here’s a version without the personalization.

Day/Night cycle with temperature displayed.


Ah, the celtic tree of life! I like!

Beautiful! :heart_eyes:

Does anyone have any problems with the DIM face?

My wife doesn’t even have the current one and mine doesn’t display the time correctly (It seems to have a problem with the number 1… any time it should show it’s blank)

The only pattern I see is they’re both from the LG family of watches. I may try switching to a different font in the meantime. Has anyone had this happen before?

Only in that a font may not carry the colon character ( : ) or substitutes a graphical icon for one of the numbers. I usually pick my fonts out at dafont.com. They’re all free… sometimes you get what you pay for.