[WatchFace] CFW Flip-Board

I could not resist the temptation to combine two designs that I liked the most.
Now even the seconds have the flip animation to add action in the design. In addition, the icons images for the weather condition that were received so well in the CFW Full Weather.
Hope you like!


Thats awesome. I love the design. Maybe red or blue for the time color but that’s just my preference. Other then that excellent work

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Well, ideally, the color should be selectable by the user, but I have not yet reached the premium tools :wink:. I’m glad you like it!

Agreed color options is great but love the design. Especially the combination of the two. Really like this.

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Thanks! It´s really fun to do and I’m allways trying to improve…

That flip animation is really cool, loving the weather display as well. Great work!

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