[WatchFace] CFW Hello-win

Well, I could not help it, I was bored and the idea crossed my mind. Although Halloween does not belong to our culture in Argentina and never in life I celebrated the day, globalization does these things.
In this clock I tried to make a pumpkin that projects the time over the sky. The clouds are animated, a witch flyes through the sky (the position from where she starts changes randomly at each wake) The sign shows the date or “keep out” randomly at each wake. The street lamp shows the battery level (20% red, 40% yellow and more than 40% green). DIM mode has only the time on the sign. Hope you like it!
Note: The web preview doesn´t work well with this design, phone app preview works better and watch works perfect…


Wow, good job, it seems we are going to enjoy halloween!

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wow creepy. Great lighting job!

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That’s amazing you must be a pro watch designer lol because I wouldn’t have a clue how to do that

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Thanks @riczurdo, @jmorga106 and @smith3connor!

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@carlosfilippa I really really like this, sooo cool

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Looks awesome on my watch…love it thx

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Send me the wrist selfie!!! :wink:

I sent it in the email , its really cool looking

I’d have sent mine in email too, but I don’t have your email address.

@selia67, @Linlay email? :thinking:
Do you mean MP?

@carlosfilippa in my regular email I got your message for a pic of it on my watch. I replied to that email attaching the pic. Wasnt such a good one because i did it while i was multitasking today lol

LOL, you sent the photo to Facer… those emails are sent by Facer to let you know you have new interaction in the community…
Please send me the pic by MP or comment in the phone Facer app (review).Thanks!

[quote=“carlosfilippa, post:11, topic:28964”]
Do you mean MP?
[/quote] It seemed odd to me. I would prefer Private Messaging, but thought maybe you had requested emails for some reason.

PM (is english ok lol) is perfect. I’m waiting your wrist selfie, thanks!

Watch and phone are charging now. I’ll try to send it tomorrow.

Done. Check your Inbox. :sunglasses:

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Chills … of pleasure, beautiful!

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