[WatchFace] CFW Iris Skeleton

Inspired in a mechanical iris diafragm like the photo lens ones, and looking por a double look watch, there´s my latest design. Just tap to switch modes by animation. Hope you like it!


very nice. the movement came out great. I started a face like this a while ago and never finished it. the “slice” movement at 45-degree intervals (0 - 45 - 90 - 135 - 180 - etc) looks awesome. well done! :+1:


Such an awesome implementation of an iris design and movement. Well done!

@jmorga106 and @Orion thanks a lot!

Hi Carlos
I have got a suggestion for you… the movement of open/close has a little trouble because if you click while open/close it desappear before the animation is complete.
Take a look at the external wheel… while cover opens something is visible (pixels) between the wheel an the body of the watch.
This is some kind of debugging… just for free… you don’t have to pay me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But I have got also another suggestion for you:Can you add rotation to the simply traslation for your diaphragm’s blades… this is the movement I mean Dario Marnoni - PHOTO 2.0 - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer used in one of my old faces.

Thanks @Dario for the feedback! The blades are behind the whell, what you are seeing are the end of the numbers shadows.
Indeed, the movement on your watch is more like the modern diafragms, is a beautiful animation. I will see if I add rotation. Thanks!

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Beautiful face!

Curious how you got the back and forth rotation. I’ve been wanting to do that on one of my faces with many gears,

Hi @Steel_Rat,
-(#DWFSS#) and #DWFSS#
Or any formula you want, just add - in front!
Remember that formulas have ( ), tags dont

Thanks @carlosfilippa. Still not sure how to implement that. Are you using two different images? Or are both those tags going into the rotation for one image?

Each gear is a different image, it is placed in a single layer and has one of the two formulas in rotation.
You have to set some that will move forward and other that will move backwards, and set the rotation formula for each one…
some gears will be -(#DWFSS#)
other will be #DWFSS#

Maybe we’re not talking about the same thing. I’m mainly referring to the main central gear that goes in one direction, then reverses to the opposite direction.

I did find the pendulum motion in the Kitchen Sink page and adapted that.

Oh man! thats the tourbillon hehe! sorry, thats a formula with SIN function in rotation, that way goes from -1 to1 going back and forward…the actual mechanical tourbillon rotates one way, but in our designs this one has more appeal…

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Well, that’s tourbillicious!

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