[Watchface] Christmas Sweater published!

My sweater watch is now available. Yay!


I love the design, colors, layout and you don’t have to wash it or worry about pulls in the knitting!


Such an amazing face! Not sure how you achieved this look but you did such a great job with it.

Absolutly stunning! I love it!

THAT is gorgeous! :heart_eyes:
I bet it took you a while to knit that.

That face is amazing! I told you and I repeat, what a work!!!

yeah, that’s a stockinette stitch with #7 needles. Merino wool (worsted). :grin:



Yay! I’ve been waiting fort this since you first gave us a preview. Excited to wear it this year.

It is so crazy …
It the tipical thing that makes me say “why did not I do it?”