[ Watchface ] Chron v1 - Blue

Please review and critique. Thank you all for the support so far.

Hey again!

Here’s my thoughts/feedback!

I like the step counter, although the text is a little hard to read. My personal preference is to use an icon somewhere near there, but that’s a design choice. Is there a shadow for the indicator arms (battery, steps) to help them stand out? The solid red looks a little 2D in comparison to the min/hr hands to me.

The window for the time is a nice touch and again adds to the 3d effect.

While I like the gradient background, it’s a little hard to see the min/hr hands. The shadows work well with the dials but there’s not much to contrast to the background. I get that you want to keep the color scheme (grey/blue) but my suggestion would be to make the min/hr hands a slightly darker shade. Btw, nice touch with the smaller red hands inside the other hands.

Another suggestion is adding a shadow to the weather icon… you have one for the logo, box, hands, but that’s 2d and jumps out to me. Maybe duplicate it, move it two pixels over in the x and y direction and change it to black (flipping the colors in the logo if that makes sense … LOGO: BlackTop,BlueUnder… Weather: BlueTop,BlackUnder)

Ticmarks… I’d change the ht/wt of the 2nd one (not the triangles) so that they touch the edge of the watch. So that they blend well with the triangles. Or shrink the triangles so they line up with the other one. That way it looks intentional and not floating.

Finally (feel free to ignore all this nitpicking :D) the placement of the items on the watchface… Circles at 6 and 3 with something between them… that area is covered well. 9 and 12 have similar mirrors to 6 and 3. The trouble is the circles take up a lot of space comparatively to the other side. You can’t really change things too much so I don’t know what to suggest. Maybe shrink the battery circle to the size of the logo so they balance each other. Everything else should be fine at that point I think balance wise with the step count being the main focus.

Again, sorry to go on and on, it’s a good design I’m just throwing everything at the wall feedback wise.


The feedback is what I want! Every time I get feedback, I will become a bettee facer. I did play around with the shadows on the step and battery hands, couldn’t decide if I liked then or not. The tick marks, now that it is brought up would go better all the way to the edge. The shadows and face balance keeps coming up…looks like I just need to site down and Google watch face and pay attention to the way all different watches are layed out/balanced. I did mess around with the hand colors as well, trying a lighter color, but it didn’t look as good…darker might well do the trick. Also, I wasn’t sure if giving everything “depth” would make it look more like a “smartwatch” face vs a “real” watch face, even though I am working on the “metal” look to mimick a real watch a little more. Thank you for the critique. :+1:

@cth4242 already adressed most issues.

Some Tips from me:

Most people love 3d-look, shiny metallic surfaces, brightness gradients…

It gives a watch face a more professional look.

One thing about using colours:

Do them a little bit more desaturated.

Less is more. With too much colours a watch often looks cheap.

messed around with balancing, shadows, enlarged a few things and lightened the hands. I need to move the bottom dials up a little more, I will take care of that monday.

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So if I publish this one, the one above that I published will remain, should I delete/unpublish (don’t know if i can) the old one?

I don’t think you can unpublish something back into a draft but I think you can delete it. That I suppose is up to you. You can however update an already published face. The updated version will stay as a draft and the published version will remain available to sync until you actually publish the update. Then that will overwrite the old version.