[WatchFace] Classic Lux v100

Here is one that I’ve been nit picking on for what feels like forever now. I decided just to wrap it up and publish it. I hope you enjoy it.

This watch strikes just the right balance between classic sophistication and high class luxury. Being highly customizable it’s perfect for your most formal events to completely casual and everything in between. Battery friendly dim mode with minimalist options as well.


Amazing look! Nice touch on putting the battery information on the menu/guide page. I always debate about putting too much info on a watchface and that’s a nice solution.

Clean, classy design!

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Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy it. I don’t need a lot of info on my watches but I do like to have battery info. I also wanted to stick with a very classic traditional style so I thought that was a good choice. I’m glad you agree.

One thing I should note is that it appears as if there are two of the same of all the different tick and number options. This is half true, there are two of each but one is theme color and the other is white/light grey. They look the same by default because the theme is white to begin with.

I wish there was a way to play with the theme color selector in the web previews because you can’t really see what this watch is truly capable of otherwise. Maybe I’ll post some wrist selfies for examples.

Looks great, well done! :slight_smile: I agree that previewing themes on the web-based browser and community links would be very handy!

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Very nice! Looks amazing! I like!

I agree as well. Preview of the themes would be very nice.

And designer based theme colours… And multiple themes for different parts.

That´s my personal wishlist for Santa “Ariel” Claus. :wink:

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Here’s two examples.

Classy, stylish, packed but clean, real winner, congrats!!!

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Really good job. Clean and classy design. Really good options too.

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Thank you @cth4242 @roycaruso @GAUSS @carlosfilippa @Orion

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Very nice @syntaxracing! Awesome hand art


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Thank you sir.

Love the look and function availability! Great work!

Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoy the face.