[Watchface] Clearance Diver 2.0 - Published :)

Access four of the most popular Apps instantly from this classically designed military watch from the Michael O’Day Military Heritage series.

The “Clearance Diver” is an interpretation of the 1971 UK military dive watch issued to clearance divers and special operations teams.

( Based on Defence Standard 66-4 ( Part 1 ) / Issue 2 1971 ).

Tap the centre of the face to briefly display the user guides and to unlock the user controls for colour theme, watch glass, brightness and second hand display in dim mode.

Available now!



It looks very very nice. Waiting that you publish it.
Very good work :smiley::smiley:

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Wow, just…wow!

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Thank you @diavo, it should be out early in the week :grinning:

Thanks @ircrotale :grinning:

Very beautiful very refined !

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Thank you very much!

Now published!


Great work. Very beautiful :smiley::smiley:

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Cheers, thank you very much!