[WatchFace] Clearance Diver 3 - Published :)

Choose the working Diver’s Bezel or the ability to access eight of the most popular Apps instantly from this classically designed military watch from the Michael O’Day Military Heritage series.

Optional bevels include one with 8 App launch tap areas:

And a working, anti-clockwise rotating diver’s bevel:

Tap the centre of the face to briefly display the user guides and to unlock the user controls for colour theme, outer ring/bezel, brightness and second hand display.


that will be easy to read at 2000 ft down! :grin:

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I hope so, I’ll let you know as soon as I can find someone to test it :grinning:

Available now!


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Very beautiful face. Moreover i presume that behind this face there is a lot of work.
My best compliments :smiley:

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Thank you very much!

And yes, it is deceptively simple - there is a great deal going on behind the scenes to allow the user so many configuration options!

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